Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How did you find us?

Hello sissies,

I like to keep track of how you girls are stumbling upon this little blog. Tell us in the comments how you came upon our little page. Once I'm satisfied with the amount of comments then I will reward you with a drawing from my Glossy and a sexy story to go with. Below are not any of her drawings but a few that she likes to look at while playing with her little dick. Those shiny legs are hers though ;-)

Now tell me how you found us, you know you want to please me.

Xx Mistress Elle
Eric Stanton

Kimberly Wilder

(If this is your art and you would like it removed then please e-mail me and I will gladly do it.)

Monday, November 18, 2013

A little something...for now

Just a little something of how my slutty sissy likes to dress up. Until we can agree on face picture this will have a due.

A little preview, so to speak. I'm sure that we'll focus more on her silly little drawings and the stories she daydreams about.

Xx - Mistress Elle

Sunday, November 17, 2013


The first post! Hopefully this blog will be updated frequently, we'll see.

First thing's first, allow me to introduce myself.

I my name is Mistress Elle and my sissy's is name is Glossy. She has a fetish for pantyhose and for being forced to dress like a slutty girl. Maybe later we'll both write our story later of how we got into this sexual life style. Creating this blog is her punishment for not being able to control her urges and playing with her tiny cock when I told her not to. 

This blog will be dedicated to posting her pathetic drawings of her fantasy's, the story that goes along with the drawings, and pictures her sad attempts to look like a woman. Though we all know she looks like a sad fucking sissy and can never look like her beautiful, and sexy mistress.

I hope you will all enjoy the posts. I know I'll love humiliating her by sharing everything she tried so long to keep hidden.

xx Mistress Elle