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My dear sissies,

I'm sorry for the delay. Below is our first story. Within the coming week we will be posting the drawings. I'd post it now but my Sissy, Katy Glossy wants to perfect them. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions.

Intimate Affairel

Anticipation had been building all week since he received noticed that his items had been shipped. Nathan had recently ordered black lingerie with red lace trim, and a tight red mini dress with black sheer sleeves. Along with his new clothes he bought small luggage locks. He tracked his delivery online and once he received notification that the items were delivered he faked a stomach ache and rushed out. The whole drive home he pictured the perfect pair of pantyhose to wear with his clothes, it was a new set of sheer black pantyhose that glistened in the light that his fiancĂ©e Jane had recently bought, Wolford Neon 40. He could envision how he’d look in the outfit along with red stilettos that he always begs Jane to wear but doesn’t because she claims they are too high and make her look like a slut. On his way home he made a quick stop at Target to purchase padded shape wear. Originally he never planned to buy anything in person but in his excitement he figured it was worth the risk. He parked his car rushed into the store and quickly made his way towards the women’s intimates. As if he was checking for traffic he looked both ways before entering the aisle where his next purchase would be. A full body shaper with padded hips and butt to help him achieve the girlie figure he always wanted. Besides, the questioning look from the cashier only added to his excitement as he placed it in front of her. Beneath his black slacks his cock hardened, he knew he wouldn’t be able to wait until next week when Jane had her weekly afterschool meeting with her fellow teachers and school board members. Five hours seemed like more than enough time to play with his new clothes before she got home. For the first time in a long while he will be able to wear clothes that are only his, instead of digging out Jane’s used items so she wouldn’t notice. 

He excitedly stumbled out of the car and ran up to the door. The packages fumbled in his hands as he rushed into the house. Nathan loosened his tie and tossed it to the ground along with his blazer coat. He kicked off his shoes and walked over to the table to set down the boxes. After taking a moment to select the perfect wine bottle he poured himself a glass and walked to his precious boxes. After a big gulp of wine he quickly tore open the boxes and gingerly held up the items. The satin lingerie was smooth beneath his fingers and the dress was a vibrant dark red. Nathan placed the dress down on the table and went upstairs to retrieve the perfect shoes and pantyhose from the bedroom. The lingerie and padded body shaper firmly in his hands.

He opened the drawer where Jane kept all her delicates along with her pantyhose. Without a second thought he reached directly for the pair pantyhose that he has been counting down the days until he could wear it. Jane often bought shiny, high gloss, pantyhose but she rarely had the opportunity to wear them since they would be inappropriate in a school setting. He always thought it was such a shame that others didn’t have the opportunity to appreciate how magnificent her long tanned legs look in a pair of tight, glistening, nylon and now he finally had the chance to feel the luxury that Wolford offered in his hands. The smooth, soft, pantyhose slide between his fingers as he laid it delicately on the bed alongside the lingerie and padding. He headed to the bathtub and dropped the remaining of his conforming male clothes to the ground. The tub filled with water as he grabbed the bottle of red wine they often leave by the bathtub for spontaneous moments. Warmth spread all through his body as the red wine took its effect on him, he smiled to himself, satisfied with the desired effects. He slipped into the bathtub, and allowed the warm soapy water to soften his rough skin. After a few minutes of soaking he brought his legs up to shave what little stubble has formed on his legs and arm pits. When Jane and him became intimate he explained to her that he was an avid swimmer and often shaved his body hair to retain his speed. Swimming gave him his desired body type. It offered the cardio needed for a healthy life style and kept his slender frame from gaining too much muscle. He also wasn’t a fan of working out next to the much bigger and taller men. Being only 5’7” with a 30” waist, he often felt insignificant next to the other men. Men that he knows Jane fantasies about while they are in bed together. He didn’t blame her, sometimes he got off to fantasies of Jane fucking and sucking other men too.

Nathan rose out of the bathtub, wrapped himself in Jane’s plush towel. Wine bottle in hand he walked over to her vanity mirror and grabbed her Paris Hilton shimmering body lotion that smelled like sweet candy. It glided easily over his smooth legs and arms, giving him a slight glittering sheen. He took another large swig from the bottle and put on the shape wear. The padding gave him the hips and ass he lacked to look like a real woman. Over the shape wear he put on his lingerie, using rolled up pantyhose as padding for his breast. He sat on the bed and positioned the pantyhose at his foot, finally, the moment he’s been dreaming of all week. The pantyhose glided over his smooth tan legs, feeling the tightness of the nylon encapsulating his leg brought a freedom he could never explain. He had to shimmy a little to get the waist over his new hips. Once the pantyhose were pulled up he let the waist band snap back against his torso. It was like he had a hit from his favorite drug.

Nathan slipped on the tight black slip he bought a long time ago for Jane but rarely ever sees her wear. He stopped for a moment to study himself in the mirror.

“Not bad.” Nathan smiled at himself as he ran his fingers over his new body and his thighs. He lingered over his crotch and rubbed at his semi-erect cock, bringing it to full attention, or as much as possible with all the constricting layers he had on. “The heels are gonna look amazing and really make my ass stand out more.”

Immediately his eyes zeroed in on the red shoes when he walked into the closet. He grabbed them, walked over to the bed, and sat down to slide on the 5 inch heels. After buckling the ankle strap, slightly tighter than most would allow, he set his feet down on the floor. He took a deep breath and attempted to stand in the shoes and wobbled a bit.

“Maybe I had a little too much wine.” Once he was balanced he took a few steps around the room and settled at her vanity mirror, ready to apply makeup.

His breath caught in his throat and for a moment he forgot how to breathe. The car ignition turned off and the sound of Jane arriving early echoed through the house. He was frozen in place. It was his quick thinking and action that averted an untimely coming out in the past, but this time he didn’t respond, at all. This time he was too engrossed in his new items to hear her car pulling into the driveway.
From his frozen position he saw Jane stroll quickly up the drive way to the door. She had on a light blue blouse, her cleavage exposed, and a black pencil skirt that stopped just before her knees. Considering she is a high school teacher her look was more revealing than expected. She had on heel shoes and her long dark brown hair was pulled into a low lying bun. Surprisingly, she was wearing shiny black pantyhose instead of her boring nude matte pantyhose.
He heard the front door slam from the bedroom and at that moment he remembered the dress he laid out on the kitchen table downstairs.  Forgetting what he was currently wearing he finally sprang into action. Nathan stumbled up wearing the 5 inch high heels, sloppily teetering towards the door in a vain attempt to run downstairs fast enough before Jane could see the dress. He heard the sound of the alarm being turned off, she was at the bottom of the stairs tossing her purse to the side.
She looked over to the table and saw Nathan’s clothes tossed to the side, wine glass on the table, and a dress.

“What the fuck?” Jane said softly but in a harsh tone.

Nathan quickly turned to leave realizing the horror that each satisfyingly constricting item of clothing has been put on display for Jane’s eyes to see. His quick movement to the bedroom cause him to trip and fall to his knees near the door way.
“NATHAN! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” Jane yelled as she quickly walked up stairs.

The sound of her voice and how close she was sent a chill and thrill down his spine, Nathan’s heart pounding fast in his chest. This was it; he was going to be caught wearing her brand new pantyhose, lingerie, and high heels. Knowing how close she was to finding him caused his cock to grow hard under the layer of pantyhose and tight panties. His nightmare and dream where about to come true.

“What the fuck!” When she reached the top of the staircase she saw a sight that nearly left her speechless. But she forced a few choice words. “Who the fuck are you – who the fuck do you think you are coming into my home with MY FIANCE! Turn around right now you fucking bitch!”
Nathan slowly turned his body to face her. He was still on his knees, dressed like slut and wearing feminine shape wear with an illusion of fake breasts and hips with her new and expensive pantyhose. Complete and utter shame on his emasculated face as he looked at her. His face blushed with humiliation, flushed bright red. Yet his cock stiffened from under the constricting shape wear. It barely made an appearance but there was no doubt in Jane’s mind that he had an erection. ‘Pathetic’, she thought to herself.
“What the fuck are you doing?! What are you wearing?! Where the fuck did you get that thing, are those tits on your chest?! What are you fucking gay? Are you a faggot? No, forget it I don’t wanna know I’m leaving.”  With that Jane turned towards the door.

Nathan called for her wait. “Please lemme explain! I’m not gay please hold on!”

Jane stopped and took a deep breath. A million thoughts ran through her head but the one that stood out was that she could use this to her advantage. She turned around and stepped closer to Nathan, walked around him and studied everything he had on.  
“Please, Jane, say something. I can’t handle how quiet you are.” Nathan peaked at look at her from under his eye lashes, his eyes lingering at her long legs, her strong but smooth calves.

“Stand up.” Her tone of voice proved she was not to be questioned, carefully honed over many years of teaching teenagers.
Nathan reached for the heels to take them off so that he could stand easier.

“Did I say you can take them off? I said stand up, I did not give any other instruction.” Jane took a step back from him and tapped her shoe against the hardwood floor.

He struggled to stand up while wearing the 5 inch heels. After a few near stumbles he shakily stood before her. She walked around Nathan, inspecting his body in the slutty outfit he picked out. Even with 5 inch heels he was barely taller than Jane’s 5’10” statuesque body. She recognized her slip that he bought her, the whore shoes she refuses to wear, and her expensive pantyhose that she works hard to buy. For a moment she almost forgot her plan and unleashed all her anger but she composed herself.
“Well, it looks like you like to steal my things. Those are my new pantyhose!” Jane said as she lifted up the slip.

“Jane please lets –“

Jane held her hand up to him and shushed him. “I don’t believe I said you can talk yet. Considering that I’m the one who is in the right, we’re gonna do things as I say. Is that understood?”

Nathan nodded his head, his gaze still glued to her legs.
“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, Jane.” Nathan said softly, his hand gravitating to his crotch, in a vain attempt to hide his growing erection.
Jane noticed this and realized that he must have a thing for being controlled. “Actually, from now on you’ll refer to me as Mistress Jane or Madam. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress Jane.” His hand finally reached his cock and tried to apply a little pressure to relieve the strain.
“Obviously you enjoy being told what to do. A real man doesn’t allow himself to be controlled by a woman, he controls the situation. But here you are, dressed like a slut and allowing your woman to command you. You’re not a man, you’re a sissy. That’s what you’ll be called from now on. You will respond to Sissy, Nathan is no longer your name. Is that understood?” Jane placed her hand under his chin and lifted it to look at her.

“Yes.” He couldn’t look her in the eye, instead he focused on red lips.
“Excuse me? Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress Jane.”

Jane grabbed his hand away from his crotch. “I didn’t say you can touch yourself!” His hard cock was evident, even under all his layers. She smiled and realized he was going to be easy to control. “Gosh, you are such a pathetic sissy. You are loving this aren’t you? You like having me control you and tell you what to do. You are such a loser.” She walked over to the vanity and pulled out her make up kits.

“Sit.” Jane commanded Nathan.
He sat down, scared and excited for what was about to happen.

“I have very exciting plans for you in this outfit for tonight. But we need to finish the look.” Jane whispered in his ear. Her breath warmed his ear and sent a tingle down his spine. He took a deep breath and savored her warm body near his and the scent of her perfume, Channel no5.

She pulled out the foundation, eye shadow, liner, lipstick, and blush and proceeded to apply makeup on her sissy. Her touch on Nathan’s body electrified him. When their pantyhose covered knees slid against each other he nearly convulsed. When she placed her hand on his thigh and ran her fingers over his pantyhose he knew that he would do whatever she asked of him.
“Okay, all done. I must say, you don’t look half bad. You almost look passable. Especially with your longer hair. Hmmmm… I have something that would really make you look perfect for tonight.” Jane walked away into the closet and left Nathan to his own thoughts.

He studied his face and couldn’t believe how much he looked like a woman. Jane created perfect contours and made his green eyes pop with the smoky eye shadow. His lips were plumped with a lip plumper and they looked amazing with the pink shimmery lipstick. The blush highlighted his high cheekbones and gave him a sexy flushed look.

Jane walked back holding a blonde wig with long wavy strands. “I knew this would come in handy someday.”
“When did you buy a wig, Mistress?” Nathan asked as he watched her put the wig on him from the mirror.

“I wore it as a Halloween costume before I met you. I was a slutty Barbie. How appropriate that I’m now using it for you.” Jane smiled when she saw Nathan blushed at being called a slut. She situated the wig properly and positioned the bangs. She told him to stand up and took a step back to take in his whole look. It was amazing how much he could pass as a woman. This was going to work perfectly.
“Come on, you need to look at yourself in the full length mirror. It’s so depressing how much you look like a fucking loser, sissy.”

Jane positioned Nathan in front of the mirror and he nearly came in his panties. He has never looked this amazing. If he saw a girl that looked like him at a bar he would have a long maturation session to thoughts of her. And now before his eyes he is the hot girl he will be masturbating to.
“Time for the final piece. Come downstairs.” Jane’s hips swayed as she walked down stairs. Nathan obediently followed behind her, though at a slower pace because of the heels. As he walked he noticed his hips fell into a natural swing.
When he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw Jane holding out the dress to him.
“Put it on.”
“Okay, why are we doing all of this? I’m really confused here Jane. And why are you home in the middle of the day? We should stop and talk about this.” Nathan realized how ridiculous his speech was as he stood before her dressed like a whore.
Jane’s eyes were fierce as she walked up to him, dress firmly in her fist. “You might want to rethink the way you are talking back to me. For reasons I’ll explain later, I have cameras set up in the bedroom, the feed is sent to my laptop. It’s set to turn on everyday around this time. Everything you’ve done since just before I arrived home has been recorded. Need I explain what will happen if you disobey me?”
Nathan’s stomach turned into knots. ‘What is she recording? Why does she keep saying that he will look perfect for tonight?’ He thought to himself. His weak arm reached out for the dress and pulled it over his head. While he was adjusting his dress he felt Jane fumbling around his ankles.
*Click* *Click*
He looked down and saw the luggage locks locking his 5 inch heels in place.
“Just in case you get any ideas about taking everything off when I’m not looking.” She smirked at him and place the key in her bra.
Nathans mind raced with frantic thoughts of what was to become of him…
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