Friday, May 16, 2014

Drawings for you losers

Hello Sissies,

So we've been MIA for a while. I'm sorry but our lives, well actually MY life, doesn't revolve its self around this pathetic thing, unlike so many of you losers. Any way, here are a few drawings I figured I'd toss your way. Have fun stroking your tiny cocks to them. Any make sure you let us know how hard (wet) they got you.

Oh, the many enjoyable days we've had living this out. My sissy was so hard. Maybe one day I'll let him fuck me again.

A found memory of how I caught Katy Glossy.

He was never a good student, too busy thinking faggot thoughts.

Until next time, losers

Xx Mistress Elle and Sissy Katy Glossy


  1. Replies
    1. I need it badly. Give it to me

  2. mmmmmmm i'm so wet. i loved them

  3. I am a sissfag and wish I could find someone to break me into being a totally submissive slut. Seeing these wonderful pics just enforces my desire.

  4. Being Ts n submissive as well as on hrt. I've had the pleasures of living full time 13.5 years of my life. I'm also on under cindyjones313t, n yes the pics are of me:).

    But regardless just need a push as things have gotten weird over the last few years n hesitant about going or trying anything. Like I'm a captive of my own mind now, as Leary of stuff. Hoping too change that though, as I'm the one whom is paying

  5. I have to admit it they got m so Wet, Mistress especially the final one as the subjects speech bubble sums up my own submissive feelings to the letter

  6. Please mentor me to become a sissy faggot pantyboi!!! I'll do anything you ask of me!! I thrive on humiliation, feminization and emasculation!!! Make me do dirty nasty things!!!

  7. ~curtsy~ such a good girl *smiles*

  8. You are the loser, I doubt if you're even a woman- just another trans- fag posting your fantasies in drawings, "pathetic".

    1. Awww, it's cute that you feel like you need to degrade Mistress to make your self feel better. Just face it, you're a loser sissy who gets off on having a REAL WOMAN tell you how pathetic you are. I bet this reply just got your little sissy clit so hard and not your flicking it until you cum. Such a waste of a male specimen.